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Winter Glazing Repair

Unless you are one of the fortunate creatures who spend the winter in hibernation, you no doubt will have been affected by the blustery winds, sub zero temperatures created by the so called “Beast from the East”


The visible effects of the extreme cold are obvious and when combined with sleet and snow, then Vehicles, Buildings and anything it lands on experience a deep freeze.

These conditions result in hidden damage to buildings, but unknown to most people there is a toll on glazing elements especially large expanses of glass such as in shopping centres, schools, hospitals and other municipal structures. The resultant freeze and thaw can dislodge gaskets, force open cracks and generally undermine the water resistant element of any glass structure.

We are still in the throes of the frozen conditions but in the next few days the thawing conditions will start to reveal the flaws in glazing structures.

If you manage any commercial glazing and you have not had regular maintenance checks, or you suspect in any way that your structure could be compromised, we would recommend that you take advantage of our no obligation glazing inspection. This would reveal any problems and enable you to eliminate problems before they become more serious and costly.

Newmarket Stud Glass Repair

After completing several projects for the world famous Darley Stud Newmarket, we were instructed on another project which covered 2 of the many barns situated at the stud.

Newmarket Glazing

Initial Works involved 3no ground level glass changes to the stables on one of the barns. We removed the existing wooden beads and carefully took out and disposed of the existing fractured panels.

All associated apertures were cleared of any shards of glass and any further debris. We then applied a neat thin silicone bead to the interface of the apertures before introducing new glazing and re-applying the wooden beads.

The main aspect of this particular project involved cleaning works both internally and externally of all glazing to the stable barns.

Since the glass in question had not been cleaned for so long (maybe 20 years or more) this was a considerable task requiring a lot of time and innovative access solutions.

We utilised the benefits yet again of a large articulated MEWP plus a small electric scissor lift to tackle the internal glazing.

Glass Cleaning

Care was taken not to disturb the four legged patrons within the barns, making the electric scissor the ideal solution.

We systematically manoeuvred the Articulated MEWP around the perimeter of the first barn and employed moppers and squeegees on extendable poles. We had to link multiple hoses to cover the size of the barn.

Extended Poles

Barn #2 was unoccupied by horses during our works so we were able to drive the articulated MEWP through the corridor of the barn. As always all high level works are conducted safely employing harnesses and lanyards fixed to the plant equipment.

Works were completed on time and the transformation was amazing! – both ourselves and our client were more than happy with the finished look.

Finished Glazing

Glass And Glazing

Glass is a wonderful material, in particular the high performance Glass and Glazing used in commercial Multi Storey Buildings. It exhibits remarkable strength against the huge forces generated by high winds, rain, hail and snow whilst providing aesthetics and the natural sunlight fundamentel to our wellbeing in the workplace.

Glass and Glazing

But for all its strengths and qualities, glass is fragile and the transportation, handling and offloading from vehicles to the glazing face requires great care, knowledge and understanding.

During refurbishment of damaged or failed glazing, the risk of accidental breakages is acute and this is one of the main challenges in tall buildings which involves the elevation of glass to tremendous heights.

Manual handling of glass is mostly prohibitive due to risk of glass breakage, injuries and just plain lack of practicality.

Crane Glass Repair

Crane Glass Repair

In these situations Anglia High Level Glazing utilize advanced methods to get the job done. We often use a hydraulic suction pump connected to a crane for glass window and wall refurbishment. This method can also be used to lift other materials such as metal sheets. It enables us to safely plan and co-ordinate the storage point of materials and avoid obstacles en route to the workface.

By using these specializeed methods and our track record in dealing with any repair/refurbishment challenges we are given, Anglia High Level glazing are perfectly placed to tackle any maintenance project you may have.

Winter Glazing Repair

Is your Glazing Ready For Winter?

Tail end of atlantic hurricanes, driving rain, freezing temperatures! These represent the onset of winter and a difficult time of year for your long suffering glazing system. Regardless of how well designed or built your glazing is, this mechanical onslaught will eventually take its toll.

Commercial glazed buildings in particular can be at considerable risGlazing Repairk due to the fact they are generally taller and often surrounded by other large structures.

Edge effects and negative pressures can combine to silently dislodge seals/fixings and pressure caps and open the glazing system up to the elements. Due to the inaccessible nature of most commercial glazing, this process can go undetected for years, and only be discovered when its too late sometimes resulting in major financial loss and expensive disruption to business operations.

If you don’t want to take that risk, here is a simple, cheap solution. A competent qualified company can carry out a full structural report to identify all areas of existing and potential issues with your glazing. They will then produce a detailed maintenance plan which could be as simple as a seal service or more comprehensive remedial work if required.

The unique Anglia High Level Glazing Inspection Report has proven time and time again to save clients time and money. We now make it even easier for clients by offering a free inspection service, so now there is no excuse not to ensure that your glazing is secure against the rigors of the British winter!

Student Accommodation Glazing Repair

As part of our contract with this UK wide student accommodation provider we were this week instructed to conduct the controlled removal of a high level damaged double glazed unit and replacement with new.
Glazing Refurbishment
For these works to be conducted, our projects team had to secure a pavement closure so access to the glazed building face was possible. 

Glazing Refurbishment
Utilising a combination of scissor lifts and mini-crane with suction lifting equipment our high level access team commenced with the controlled removal of the fractured double glazed unit, before lifting and installing the new unit. Works were conducted out of hours to ensure minimal disruption to the building tenants and surrounding tenants.

If you have a high level damaged unit in need of replacement and want to discuss your options with the UK’s leading Commercial Glazing Refurbishment company, speak to a member or our team on speak to a member of our team on 0207 206 2493